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Thread: Cut-Track Penalty Getaround Issue

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    You do want someone to review race replays to DQ and ban cheaters like that though. Especially if they’ve been caught/ reported.
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    What tire compound were you using?
    What was your tire pressure?
    What was the track and tire temperatures?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hkraft300 View Post
    You do want someone to review race replays to DQ and ban cheaters like that though. Especially if they’ve been caught/ reported.
    Ideally yes, but when you have race organizers who already go through the trouble of setting up everything, websites, forums, calendars, dedi servers etc out of their free time and their pockets, you can't really ask them to spend even more time and effort on reviewing the whole races for 15 drivers if they cut the track. Although some clubs do that and it is great, but I am sure they would all hope not to have to go through this.

    But anyway, when a feature (which is basic for any sim) is not working properly, I think the natural expectation is that it gets improved, not that we have to turn it off. When the game was released, I thought it was just a temp problem which would be eventually improved and this is to be expected with a new game. Bun instead of that, during the last 10 months what happened is that after a couple of patches it became even a lot worse, after huge discussions here and elsewhere eventually that change was mostly reverted back, but we are still left with a system that's ruining races and fights, causing so much frustration.
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    So, league race in RBR today, with the TCs. Testing had shown during the practice session that if you go a little wide at least in corners 1 and 2, you always get a slowdown warning, no matter if you gain or lose time, but for those corners you can every single time ignore the message, go full throttle and it will eventually go away by itself. In most of the other corners, you need to slowdown, otherwise you do get a time penalty/lap invalidation.

    Some of the people realized this, some others not, so in the discord channel during the race it was for a large part of it all about ("aha, you went wide, now you will get a slowdown! - Oh wait, you didn't?"). At the end, I finished in 3rd place, but was promoted to 2nd (guy in 1st was way faster than us), because the guy in 2nd did not know that going wide in turns 5-6 results to a penalty indeed, so he did get a 2 second one in the final laps.

    That's what for a large part close racing has come up to, knowing from heart when, where and for how long you need to slowdown to keep the system happy. Penalty hunting has become a big part of it. IMO this is really bad and needs improving. At least give us some kind of indication of how much the system expects us to slow down, to make things a little more transparent at least.

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