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Thread: Project Cars 2 and Rig Motion.

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    So yes and no, essentially it comes down to budget there are basically two designs of motion for racing the seat mover (my rig) and the rig mover (pedals and seat move).

    The both achieve the same effect, especially in VR. However the seat mover allows you to get away with cheaper components because a rig mover to achieve the same respoviness you want in a racing rig you need industrial size motors. This is because a rig mover needs to move up to 25 degrees in all axis to achieve the same effect.

    With a seat mover you also feel the tension in your wrists and legs which really simulate g forces quite nicely. It's truly a great experience, there is a better write up on the differences for each design in the diy motion community here is the post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeratall View Post
    Just finished my diy build, this game in VR combined with motion is INSANE!!!
    Awesome, and great build!
    Sweet when you have the knowledge to make something yourself!!

    I have the Next Level Racing V3 myself, and as you say, motion in combination with VR is Awesome!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_belowski View Post
    yeah, seems that way. I would have thought you'd want the wheel and pedals to move with the rest of the rig, and also the Rift tracking camera
    If you think about it when driving your real car, the g forces mostly work on your body of mass, that is your buttom and upper body. So you actually get a bit distorted to your steering wheel in your real car when driving as well, just like the feeling in a seat mover.
    But it's important to set up the motion properly, and don't have it set up to high, it should only trick your brain that you are being moved by the G forces, and not throw you around as a rag doll.
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