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Thread: Forcing me to use broken formation lap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcat06 View Post
    I'm sorry for being angry. It just frustrating I've had to throw 2 races because of this problem. I'm in the final series of group C proto-type. It's a career-forcee formation lap. for 90% of the formation lap it's fine it's at the end they all rubber-band-snap into position.. inevitably they will ram me, cause me to get a penalty because of it. I was honestly having the best time ever until group C. I've started to put the game down because of this problem. The other issue is the AI has no issue at all taking your place in line when the snap issue happens. I've watched several videos on proper formation lap procedures so I know it's not me .

    Just please give us a way to turn this off. It's not needed and adds nothing but frustration to those of us that it's not working correctly.

    I'll triy and find the exact tracks this happened. I also ran into another bug where my tires refused to warm up. I checked track and ambient temps and both were above 80f.

    Anyways, please just give us an option to turn the formation lap off. I'm hoping this is the last career series that forces this. It doesn't add challenge but for some I'm sure they like it.
    The option to turn off the formation lap is in the game since release.
    It's in the same screen where you turn the practice and qualifying session on/off.
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    [QUOTE=Zaskarspants;1527018]^^^ That is odd, I find that wet tyres work fine when cold. They certainly do not loose all traction for me as you are finding.

    I'm going to turn off penalties and turn down hardness and just finish this series. It's been a tough go all around. There's some mechanic to drive this particular car that I'm just not picking up on. Also... No race wheel. Next Friday I'm investing in one. That I hope will smooth my turns out greatly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaskarspants View Post
    ^^^ That is odd, I find that wet tyres work fine when cold. They certainly do not loose all traction for me as you are finding.

    for me even just rain races are unplayable because the wet tire temps drop to stone cold with in the first two laps after the start. They fill like slick tires on a full wet track. Even with brake cooling ducts fully blocked.

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