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Thread: All the PC online lobbys are the same.

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    yeh there are precious few non GT3 @ RBR or monza races. Some even go as far to limit it to the 488 which is almost comical.
    That said its still much better than AC which was solely GT3 @ Spa.

    There is so much variety available in PC2 (inc. Weather, day night cycles etc) its sad its not more populer online.
    BUT, one big but is GT3 is reasonably balanced. Most other classes arent. Almost every class has 1 or 2 cars which are much faster than the others. As they cant be excluded it makes racing these classes near pointless.

    It also seems a lot of people are scared of something different or what they dont know. Again on the flip side the game not allowing you to join mid race to get some practice means if you miss the 3 minute qualy its -200 skill points.
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    I have a few of my own favourites that are not GT3 saved as pre-set that i set up when i cant find something i want to join. I'm in the same boat as you, the GT3/monza/spa combination is dull (for me) so i will very rarely join one

    if you set up a good combination people will join.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weapon2057 View Post
    That name rings a bell, think I may have raced with you one time but it was very early hours for me with being in the UK unfortunately :-( Clean racing is getting harder to find in the online lobbies IMO.
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    The real problem is the number of MP players.
    And because the average player wants to play with a lot of players.
    Result : they all gather in a couple of wreckfest GT3 lobbies.

    You can have great fun with 4 players races, but it is too rare to find non GT3 lobbies.
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