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Thread: (Logitech G29) Solution for missing driver settings in Logitech Gaming Software

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    Quote Originally Posted by awittyusername View Post
    Can't seem to find these registry values any more have they patched the options out for some reason? It's not like they should be gimping these wheels to upsell more expensive lines, this is Logitech's top tier!
    Yes, can't find in mine system either.

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    I should have posted it here but you can just create the DWORDs yourself, the path has slightly changed and I'm not at my PC to check it but it's pretty self explanatory.

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    I am checking this as well.
    I could find the files in registry and we'll see now what I could set up

    EDIT: now I only problem: I have a zero FFB feel 5% left and right, no feel whatsoever.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance

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