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Thread: Help With Fanatec V3 Pedal

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    Help With Fanatec V3 Pedal

    First off, my platform is the Xbox One X and my pedal setup is the Fanatec V3 inverted. Connected through a CSW 2.5 and the universal hub.

    Iím most certain that this is a hardware or user problem and nothing to do with PC2. I see signs of the problem in my Fanatec Wheel property page while in PC mode and with the Xbox not connected in any way, shape, or form. I thought I may get more help in the PC section with the hardware side.

    I recently developed an issue where there is a slight amount of brake input while not pressing on the brakes. My quick work around was to either set a higher minimum setting on the Fanatec calibration or set a dead zone within PC2. I think this is just putting a band-aid on the situation though and was looking for some advice, thoughts, and input.

    When I enter the PC2 pedal calibration, Iím seeing a steady input of ď4Ē while not applying any brake. In my Fanatec setup page on my PC, I see a similar small amount of input but a very frequent flickering input. Iím not ready to ship them off to Germany back to Fanatec quite yet.

    With there being a slight amount of already present brake input, when I go into setup or option menus, it just starts scrolling through stuff instantly as itís seeing a LT button push I believe. Whatís strange though, if I calibrate everything ďnormallyĒ (without my band-aid fix), I donít see any brake input when not pressing brakes while in race on the PC2 graphs. Everything is normal while on track. Itís just within the menus that it goes haywire.

    I have owned the game and all the same hardware since launch so this isn't a brand new setup problem. This is something that just popped up.

    Any help or suggestion is appreciated before I bite the bullet and send them on the long journey for Fanatec to look at.

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    The menus and in-game probably use different input filtering.

    You could contact Fanatec Support about the problem, it may be a problem with the load cell which then would not require the pedals to be sent back.
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    You can also lower the value of the BRK setting through the on-wheel menu. Default is 50 but that results IMHO in a much too weak pedal even on the normal V3 pedals. I think I have mine set at about 30. I had 'ghost pedal pressing' before adjusting the value too, after that never had it again. I really don't understand why 50 is the default, because at that time I thought my modded T3pa pro had a MUCH better pedal feel than a pedalset costing about as much as the whole T500rs setup it replaced.
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    I had this issue also and had to "deadzone" it out, i was also on Xbox, now using same pedals on PC not an issue.
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    I had this same issue on my CSL Elite pedals with load cell upgrade.

    If you are on the Fanatec config screen and pull the pedal back, does it show the input went away? Mine would. There is a very tiny bit of "play" in the pedal that would cause a bit of brake "drag" when no pedal pressure was applied. I ended up adding just a hair of minimum deadzone in the PC Fanatec config screen and all of my problems went away with no negative effect when braking in game that I can notice. I first noticed it was an issue when I was watching a reply and say my brake lights on when not braking.

    You can see it in these 2 videos that I made. First shows resting my finger on the pedal and its already applying input. I could not even rest my foot on the pedal it was extremely sensitive. You can see it on the laptop screen. I rest my finger on the pedal, the pedal is not even moving at this point and its registering input.

    2nd video is the play in the brake pedal ( I know they are not V3s but still the same issue) I am barely touching the pedal with my fingers and you can see the play. So all I did was dial out that bit of play in the Fanatec config menu

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