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    Quote Originally Posted by beetes_juice View Post
    ehhh most subscription models are more or less one and done - I pay one price for a 1 year/6 month/ 3 month or whatever, with a discount, and reup again a down the line if I feel its worth it. Going month to month is a complete waste of money.
    Erm even two years fly by, so where's the lifetime in that? iRacing cost me $180(!?!?!?) for two measly years(excluding content). First and only time I will ever subscribe for gaming. And it's not about the money. I just really hate things demanding a paycheck. So I avoid if I have any possibility. Heck I'd pay my house up front if I could...
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    What about career only players?
    Or people without internet?
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    I asked myself a question "How could PCARS3 compete against GT Sport and ACC on consoles as a subscription service, as a late comer to the show?". Then I wrote a lengthy message which I deleted it because it was too long. The answer was that it cannot. In short, everybody else is doomed as long as aforementioned first comer does not botch it too badly.

    ACC may get boost from Xbox, but on Sony platform Sony game will win as long as it is not half bad and to me it looks like it is not. Unless one competes with the amount of content, which then beats the point of staggered release in the form of subscription over big release and DLCs, or by finding critical problems in competitors and fix them. Or to release as free-to-play [shudders].

    I think PCARS3 might work as subscription if it was released right now, or three to four years later when both GT Sport and ACC as platforms are already in the need of rewrite, when they have to start from the scratch too.
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    I don't want to pay for something I may not be using every month, sometimes I want to do other stuff.
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    From my perspective, subscriptions aren't a good model for racing sims. I would however like paid conent and/or expansion packs (e.g. RaceRoom). That's because I think that iterating and continously developing one title is superior to releasing a new title every few years.
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    I looked long and hard at all the racing sims on offer and their respective prices and payment methods. I personally would not have bought PC2 if it had been a subscription service. Please don't go down that route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amraam View Post
    I looked long and hard at all the racing sims on offer and their respective prices and payment methods. I personally would not have bought PC2 if it had been a subscription service. Please don't go down that route.
    I'm with Amraam on this.
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