Hey everyone was looking to get some info or Help with my g29 first issue was it was twitchy and Grindy unplayable as if the wheel was broken. I uninstalled the game from external hdd installed on ps4 hdd game is now playable with g29 plays just like it does on pc without any assists from Logitech software.

As I believe I'm good from the previous issue it dosent feel right so this is where I'm requesting help and info. I'm acquainted with FFB on the Logitech G27/29 on ps4 and pc I play PC1 Forza Grand Turismo F1. PC2 feels weird nothing like even PC1 it's like I have FFB if I make an error or turn to fast it's like it turns loose no more FFB, if there's a sharp turn around example long beach track when I have to turn the wheel a full rotation it feels horrible. So I'm curious if its the way the game is designed or is it supposed to feel tight like Project cars 1, GTS, forza, hell even need for speed payback has a tighter feel.
It's updated I've tried the different flavors and I've tried different settings using YouTube suggestions so I'm trying to see if this is normal or I do have an issue.

Thanks everyone