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Thread: Cut-track / cornercutting penalty Linux Dedicated Server

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    Cut-track / cornercutting penalty Linux Dedicated Server

    Hi all,

    I've been looking for quite some hours now, but I'm not able to find out.

    I have a DS running on a Linux box, also using the sms_rotate lua addon. Somehow Im not able to set the Track Cutting Penalties. When Im logged in through the game, "Rules & Regulations" it shows:
    Rules & Penalties Yes
    Track Cutting Penalties No
    Allowable Time Penalty 0
    Drive-Through Penalties No
    Pit Exit Penalty No

    Most important thing for me now is to get the "Track Cutting Penalties" on yes... but I just dont know what flag I need to set for that. Is there anybody around willing to help?

    Please if you need more details, let me know.



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    		"PenaltiesType" : "FULL",		// Penalty Setting: "NONE","FULL" (Value in order of names shown: [0-1] 0 = OFF : 1 = FULL)
    within sms_rotate_config.json


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