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Thread: F1 2017 PC Who plays

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    F1 2017 PC Who plays

    who plays F1 2017 on pc?
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    I do. I played pCars1, then F1 2016 and 2017. After pCars2, I just canīt get back on 2017... pCars2 driving engine is sooo much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yannara View Post
    I do. I played pCars1, then F1 2016 and 2017. After pCars2, I just canīt get back on 2017... pCars2 driving engine is sooo much better.
    Hmmm I thought F1 2017 was significantly better than F1 2016?

    I only have F1 2016 on my Xbox. But barely touched it, not enough time to play it or just more interest in other games.
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    f1 2017 is really good but I haven't played it since getting my Oculus and now there is no vr for the 2018 game , thank god for Assetto Corsa mods !
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    I still play it from time to time, usually when F1 visits a track I don't have in any other game I can get a feel for the track they are on for the weekend. I got it on PS4 too, and it plays surprisingly well with a controller, but it's a mile away from feeling like you are driving a real car.
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    Bought it in the recent steam sales. Played for around an hour .. it's actually quite good. It feels completely different to PC2's Formula A cars.
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