So there are probably other threads about this but I could not be bothered searching through the thousands of posts so hopefully someone with knowledge can help here.
I have a three of friends I race regularly with. One has CSL pedals and the other two have V3 pedals. This is what happens:

1. We start an online race and the press the accelerator, nothing happens, the car just goes nowhere. you push the brake pedal and the brake lights work but nothing else, this is happening all types of pedals. plugged into the Base.

2. We quit the game run the verify in Steam. Restart the PCars 2. Start a new lobby all good. Finish the race go back to the lobby for a second race. Start that race and again, no pedals working.

3. Go through the motions again sometimes the pedals work again sometimes not. If it was a computer issue i would say ok but for this to happen to three different people with three different computers and happening just about every time we try to get a room happening.

Please help