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Thread: Project CARS 2 weather generator

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    Project CARS 2 weather generator

    Curtousy of executer22:

    I was very unhappy with the limited options you have to get realistic random weather in this game so I wrote a little program to do that for you (I know there is already something similar to this in the forums but I wanted one with more options and visible stats). I thought why not also share it with the community, maybe it helps you too. The program basically presses the buttons for you and selects weather conditions randomly and saves the settings. Here is a quick how to but feel free to ask any questions you have or report a bug if you find one:

    Here is the download link for the zip with the software (you'll need Java to run it):

    Just unpack but leave it in the folder so it doesn't get messy when the preset save file is generated in the same directory.

    Cheers guys!"
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    Cool m8. Thanks for the effort. Will give it a go.
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