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Thread: Collection of Setup Guides

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    Collection of Setup Guides

    I came across this collection of setup guides and docs on /r/iracing and thought some might find them useful. I've seen a number of these before (some on here) but there are a few I hadn't seen before. Some of them mention specific games, but the general ideas should apply to other titles.

    The google drive with the 22 documents is Setup Guides. Some of these are documents, and some are pdf exports from websites.

    • Advanced Setup Guide - LFS Manual.pdf
    • Assetto Corsa Car Setup Guides RaceDepartment.pdf
    • Basic Setup Guide - LFS Manual.pdf
    • BXqG1.jpg
    • eBook - Learn to setup your race car.pdf
    • Garage 101.pdf
    • IMP-B-Setup-Guide-NTM-v2-Aug-2-2011.pdf
    • iRacingStockCarSetupComponentGuide-v1_05-072710.pdf
    • iRacing_Car_Admin_Commands.pdf
    • iRacing_Car_Setup_Guide_20100910.pdf
    • LoWLiNE Racing Oval Setup Guide v 1.4.pdf
    • Oval Spring _ Shock Tuning Chart.pdf
    • OvalCrewChief101-v5.pdf
    • Oval_Setup_MatrixV4.pdf
    • pressure.pdf
    • Quick Fix Setup guide.pdf
    • RD-Setup-Guide-1.0.pdf
    • setupflowchart.pdf
    • setupflowchart2.jpg
    • The Ultimate Sim Racing Setup Guides.xlsx
    • The _ULTIMATE_ Racing Car Chassis Setup Guide and Tutorial.pdf
    • XSR_SetupGuide.pdf
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    Great listing of setup articles all in one place. Should be pinned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGETI View Post
    Great listing of setup articles all in one place. Should be pinned.
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