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Thread: Does the handling glitch effect all cars? Or certain tracks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Scott View Post
    Its FFB related which doesnt effect the controller.
    Physics issues also effect controller players though.They get a lot of oversteer and the car loses all its balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSReese View Post
    I've noticed a lot of the slower cars are more manageable, predictable, and well behaved than a lot of the faster cars in the sim. I enjoy driving the TCR, GT4, and Formula Rookie machinery more than GT3 because they are much more behaved. I don't know if its programming, or a bug, or original Xbox compatibility but the GT3 cars do not feel all that predictable and well behaved on some tracks even though they have more downforce, so you'd think they should be equally as stable even while carrying more speed. Maybe it has something to do with terrible baseline setups but its something I've noticed.
    I also think there is some correlation to the speed of the vehicles. When I started my career (on Xbox), I didn't notice any issue with the lower classes like Ginetta Junior and GT5. When I got to GT4 and especially the Super Trofeo level however, I suddenly noticed a huge difference in handling.

    That's when I switched over to PC and I'm currently in GT3 class in the Aston Martin. It feels like it's on rails compared to the Lambo ST.
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    I've just decided to delete my driver and start a new career, jumped into the ginetta juniors, practice for the first race was great, the handled lovely and put in the fastest time.
    Great, I thought, on to qualifying... My god, would the car behave.. Couldn't get close to the practice time, qualified last, by over 2 sec...
    By now I'm 1/4 way into a bottle of westons vintage...
    Started the race, and quickly noticed all the issues mentioned previously occur with the slower cars too, I just found myself adjusting my driving style to compensate for the over/under/random slides.
    Once I was in the lead the issues lessened, and I put in the fastest time of 1:17.283, faster than my practice time and .4 sec faster than the a.i.
    I do still love the concept of the game but it is so difficult to play...

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    Maybe I should drink and game more often.. Same track, same car, same set up, but on private practice and put in a 1:16.520 and the car felt totally different, felt way more stable... Oh and I'm a bottle down.
    I really hope they can patch this issue..

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