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Thread: Logitech G920 question

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    Logitech G920 question

    Afternoon all,

    I've been playing PC2 for a while using the controller although felt if I was to improve further I'd need to look at a racing seat/wheel. With this in mind I bought the Playseat Challenge + Logitech G920.

    After only playing a few hours I've found its a steep learning curve making the switch to a wheel although sure practice will make perfect. Anyway, my question is, what sort of vibration should I feel with the G920? I can certainly feel the force feedback (wheel fighting against me) but I don't feel any vibration when hitting a curb or going on gravel etc and I kinda assumed I would. Am I missing something?

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    Refer here mate

    I personally stick with defaults as it can cause other issues. On an unrelated matter i highly recommend f1 2017 and Assetto Corsa both are awesome with G920 oh and both dirt rally and dirt 4 and all are on sale until early next week digitally
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    Dirt4 and rally have some good moments but for me the ffb in pcars is much better.
    I played dirt rally hard and loved it, then dirt 4 and oh no, far too simple in comparison to d rally.

    In pcars2 high tone will feel swoopy and emphasize car movement as it communicates vertical suspension forces most.

    Low tone will bring out tyre slip feelings and kerbs / gravel / textures and that feeling of the front tyre ' going over' as the contact patch shifts about. low tone emphasizes horizontal tyre forces.

    Avoid using high fx as this will very likely cause clipping and cloud a clear ffb signal on a low torque wheel such as the g920. FX zero is unboosted and what I use.

    Everyone is most comfortable with the settings that they find themselves but try mine and see what you think, in my sig.
    Cockpit view. 28 inch distance to 58 inch 4k HDR TV. Proper fov, 65. World movement 50, all other camera movement, 0. G920, shifter, Raw, 100, 40-60, 15-35, 0. Assists, all off. Currently play 90-120/100 AI. 10-20 lap quick races, some tt. Decent hifi, big speakers. Home made rig.
    You Tube Channel, recording my attempts to beat the AI at 120/100.
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    Cheers for the feedback guys, is most appreciated.
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