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Thread: FFB auto-tune issue

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    FFB auto-tune issue

    Hey there.
    This topic was already discussed, but I have not found a clear answer yet.
    I do not understand what the "auto-tune" feature actually does on informative and immersive.
    On both (as also in raw) it is possible to adjust gain, volume, tone, fx, and the software, while driving, does not change the sliders.
    However in informative and immersive, there is actually a difference in ffb feel while driving, and I do not understand what actually changes.

    From my point of view, I do not like it at all.
    I would really love to have the option to switch OFF auto-tune.
    I use informative, but I hate the fact that at SPA, eau-rouge, on one lap I feel the front wheels scrubbing, and in the next lap I don't feel it anymore because the overall ffb auto-tuned much higher and therefore I clip.
    The ffb strength inconsistency due to auto-tune makes it difficult to be consistent while driving, because one feels different things in different laps, due to auto-tune ffb tweaking.

    Is it possible to have an option to remove auto-tune, or is it possible to have custom ffb files enabled on PS4?

    It is a minor thing, but it's very very annoying.

    Thank you,


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    I suggest you use raw but you will need to check the HUD for FFB clipping when you swap to an unfamiliar car, adjust the volume as needed.
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