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Thread: DIY Simracing Rig: Suggestions Needed

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    DIY Simracing Rig: Suggestions Needed

    Hey guys,

    I've been looking for a simracing rig for my G27 for some time but have not found a satisfactory product yet. Either they're overpriced or look unstable and don't have enough options for adjusting. That's why I decided to build my own simracing rig. I got a seat for cheap money and now build a wooden rack around it. I chose wood because it's easy to work with and I have the tools to do it. I've often seen these aluminium items, but there're very expensive and don't look so good imo.

    I'm neither a professional CAD designer nor a carpenter, but there are some friends with expertise. I've been following some plans from the internet and drawing my own sketch in Google SketchUp (see image below). For the materials, I chose glued spruce wood. It can be easily processed and the humidity doesn't matter indoor.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I built a self-made construction for the seat console, so that the pitch is adjustable. I use the rails of the seat for the console to move the complete construction forward and backward. There is enough room for my wheel and a screen on the board of the wheel stand. Maybe the board will be adjustable in height. The most complex part are the pedals. They're installed on a board where the height and pitch should be steplessly adjustable. I've already seen a few examples which used long slots and fixed the board with screws and butterfly nuts. This seems very comfortable, but I'm not sure if it's very stable. I'm worried that the holes will wear out quickly. Do you have any experience there? The second thing that bothers me is the construction for the shifter. It looks pretty ugly. But so far, I cannot find a better solution. Any suggestions?

    I look forward to your reactions.

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    Having designed and built my own rig, I've come across some shortfalls.
    Firstly mine is all fixed except the height of the wheel. I don't have any friends so it didn't need to be adjustable. That said, if I mounted my seat on rails it'll move fore/aft and that'll be plenty. I don't find the pedals need adjustable rake at all.
    Since having gone to a fixed rig with properly bolted down pedals, I found way way way better brake control and can confidently give it a good stomp.
    So you could go with fixed pedal mount and have itsturdy, because you'll give the brake pedal a lot more of a workout. Confidence and control in your brakes will improve your lap times and car control.
    When you find a comfortable wheel height, seat height and pedal rake, the fore/aft adjust of the seat will be plenty.
    On a wood rig like that you could in future just drill new pedal mount points.
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    Thanks for your hints.

    The idea behind the adjustments was to stay flexible for other wheels and pedals later. When I replaced my G27 by a Fanatec/Thrustmasters, I don't wanna change my complete rig. Okay, drilling two more holes won't be a problem ... I'll think about it.

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    Alright, here it is. After tons of working hours, the rig is finally finished. I've followed hkraft's advice and firmly mounted pedals and wheel. Only the seat is adjustable back and forth. In addition, there are three fixed configurations for the pitch of the seat. Therefor, I have removed the rails from the seat and built my own console. The crossbars are mounted to the side panels with M6 furniture connectors. It's very stable, even if it doesn't look that way. I've tested it with a load up to 80 kilos and the only thing that creaks is the seat (I know a cheap model, but it's sufficient for my purpose). Only the distance between pedals and wheel doesn't fit completely, but it's fine if your legs are bent a little bit. The widget for the shifter is somewhat improvised, but also serves its purpose. It's reinforced with a square at one side. Everything else was solely screwed or glued. Furthermore, I've add some felt under the frame to protect the floor from scratches.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All in all, I've used almost 2 qm of laminated wood and 7 m construction timber. The entire construction (incl. seat) cost me about 150 € and countless hours. The seat is second-hand by ebay. In the end, I had a lot of fun, and sometimes a bit of frustration, with designing and constructing the rig and I would repeat it at any time. I recommend everybody to create your own sim racing rig if you have time and access to the right tools. It's much less expensive than purchased products (working hours left out!) and you can adjust all things individually. It's definitely worth it.

    If anyone would like to know details about the design, please ask.
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