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Thread: A alternative view

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    A alternative view

    Having just finished a 3 hour stint after buying this today (returned wrc 7 due to no button remap) I enjoyed it alot.The Renault 3.5 is what I was after and this game does it justice.Playing with a controller was fine after setting up to my driving style,mapping was easy and the level of controller tuning ample.I left the game planning further refinements on both car and controller which to me means a good long lasting game.Being back on tarmac meant I had to remember muscle memory cause after years of virtual rally I tend to set up corners accordingly.After some practice at Bathurst I got in the 1.50's which for a old bloke (52) like me is about my limit.I did consider GT Sport but online only is not what I support.So to the fellow below bemoaning how the controller is bad maybe it's just the input into the controller.
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