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Thread: Ginetta G40 GT5, all tracks ( well most), 120/100.

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    Ginetta G40 GT5, all tracks ( well most), 120/100.

    A few weeks ago I suggested I might try this 'completist' challenge.

    My initial aim was to get a win on all the tracks but I soon realized the vastness of my task, so I have done one layout from each circuit using the layout I prefer, often the shorter as they suit this car better.

    I have also left out ovals and historic circuits as they can be a bit dull with a slow car. All the races were done with default loose with hi or low final drive ( usually low).

    Going for 100% wins was also ambitious and would have have taken too long, I was anxious to crack on after one or two restarts.

    41 races over 40 layouts ( repeated one in rain), 23 wins, 6 second, 3 third places.

    What did I learn? This car just the right balance of grip and power. Adding a small amount of power in a turn tightens the line and this can be used on exit similarly to trail braking on entry to control your cornering. R Essarts is very slippery and bumpy. Porsche dynamic IS Stunt Car racer.

    I also discovered that I have avoided from habit a few gems such as Silverstone Stowe and Raupuna Park.

    I am now doing a similar play list with the Caterham 620r, my next fav car, I don't expect as many wins. Onwards!

    Ginetta Playlist -

    Stunt Car Racer.

    Porsche Dynamic.
    Cockpit view. 28 inch distance to 58 inch 4k HDR TV. Proper fov, 65. World movement 50, all other camera movement, 0. G920, shifter, Raw, 100, 40-60, 15-35, 0. Assists, all off. Currently play 90-120/100 AI. 10-20 lap quick races, some tt. Decent hifi, big speakers. Home made rig.
    You Tube Channel, recording my attempts to beat the AI at 120/100.
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    Great stuff! I love the G40, so much fun.
    Also, ten points for Stunt Car Racer, classic
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