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Thread: looking to set up endurance races with like minded people

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    looking to set up endurance races with like minded people

    so, after trying probably more than 200 times for a very long time now with no success in random online lobbies to do some endurance racing i decided i should try my luck here.

    i'm not looking to make some CPL racing league or anything fancy like that, i just want to do endurance races with a group of like minded racers that want to have clean races(to that end people that cause a lot of accidents will not be able to join again) of course accidents do happen so i will look at accidents in replays to see what happened.
    this will not be a league, just a crew of friendly racers that want to have fun, clean races whenever it suits us but will try to have at least one race a week.
    there are no other requirements for joining than being a clean driver, how fast or slow you are doesn't matter at all.

    race lengths will be minimum or 2 hours (probably more)
    the class driven will be GT3's possibly mix it up from time to time with GTE's and LMP's if there is significant interest but GT3 will be the primary focus

    if you are interested in joining either reply here or join the discord jW4zAVY (i dont have enough posts for links so hopefully the code works lol ) keep in mind that all race info will be given in the discord, but using discord during the races won't be necessary (you can if you want to but i probably wont be there myself during the races).
    i have no races planned as of now but if we get at least 5 people i will set up a race time and date.

    hope to see you all there!

    Edit: Forgot to add that this will be on PC only
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    we are hosting a 2.5h Spa event today in LMP1 (HY) and GTE

    Event details here:
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