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Thread: What's more important - 4k, HDR, freesync? Advice wanted

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    What's more important - 4k, HDR, freesync? Advice wanted

    I'm contemplating getting an Xbox One X. If I do, I probably need a new monitor to see the improvements
    I have an old Samsung Syncmaster P2350, 23", 1920x1080.

    I try to do my homework before I buy anything, but all the possibilities is making me a bit dizzy. I don't need it to work as a tv, around 28" would be nice, and I can't afford a top monitor that checks all the boxes. So, what would you prioritize?

    Freesync? (Xbox One X is supposedly supporting Freesync 2, does that mean getting a monitor with Freesync 1 is pointless? )
    HDMI 2.0 (as opposed to HDMI 1.4)

    The monitor will almost exclusively be used for Xbox gaming, mainly PC2.
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    4k for sure,HDR is good but nothing beats resolution imo.
    Samsung 40 uhd,Ps4 pro,Sony soundbar. around $1600 au.
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