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Thread: Patch 1.6 saved this game for me

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    Patch 1.6 saved this game for me

    Hey guys,

    It's been ages since i've posted something. Last time was a rant about my dissappointment with the game, i think.
    Anyway, i booted the game yesterday and had to update it (15 gigs lol). In short, this update is awesome.

    - loading times are 10x better and no longer stalls/freezes
    - No set up freezes/stalls anymore
    - physics in wet conditions are greatly improved (driveable)
    - physics of muscle/overpowered cars are no longer uncontrollable (like the Nissan Fairlady or Lotus Cosworth)
    - a.i is vastly improved and more consistent

    Maybe previous updates already fixed some (last time i played was a few months ago and very briefly) but this is just great. I want to thank SMS for the relentless support for ps4, this makes me very happy!

    On a side-note; i have PSVR and tried the cinematic mode again. It works really well in terms of immersion but what really struck me is that the audio is in 3d!!! For realsies, i hear the engine in the back and when i turn my head right i hear it in my right ear. I can also hear the cars behind me in cinematic mode!! Did you guys know this? Was this in a previous update? Also, the cinematic mode makes me drive waaaay better. It's almost as immersive as GT sport in VR..

    I'm gonna have so much fun with this game now :P

    Thank you SMS!
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    I'm gonna have to try this, not used my psvr much recently. Cheers
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    Quote Originally Posted by lancashirelad View Post
    I'm gonna have to try this, not used my psvr much recently. Cheers
    It truly is a great addition! I tested it also with a GT3 car and you can clearly hear the engine is in front with the 3d audio. Also, you can hear the cars on the other side of the track when the pack drives by.

    In helmet view, i would lose the helmet; depth of field and FOV speed sensitivity. Just a subtle looking to the apex and little bit more FOV to see your mirrors. But it depends on your preferences.
    Btw, if you have screen drifts with PSVR; set the headset on a table for a few minutes while on. Should fix it mostly.

    Let me know what you think and if it improves your driving too!
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