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Thread: Racing simulators helped me with my first driving experience on Nordschleife

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    Racing simulators helped me with my first driving experience on Nordschleife

    I used different sims to learn this famous track - Nürburgring Nordschleife.
    It helped a lot and I felt like home from the lap 1.
    I did only 4 laps but I saved a lot of money with learning this tricky circuit.

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    Scary. Great video.

    I get overstimulated driving this on a sim, I dont think i would I have the balls to do it for real, especially in my own car ( if I had one).
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    So jealous. I lived not too far from the track for a few years, but all I had at the time was a VW Golf. It was my only transportation, so I figured stuffing it into a barrier on the Green Hell was probably not a good idea.

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    Great video man looks so much fun and love the guy in his work van on your full lap was lmao
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    Not bad driving. I particularly like the view of your sun visor.
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