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Some things that might be helpful on this track as well (perhaps more for beginners or intermediates still learning the track).
- going into Variante Villeneuve (the left/right before the hairpin Tosa) you can take the first left-hander much faster than you might think. You do need to slow a bit, but I found you can really go through it very fast, and then get on the brakes for the right hander immediately after. You can make a lot of lap time here if you get it right.
- same thing going into Acque Minerali (the two right handers just before you go up the hill and into the chicane Variante Alta on the back section). You can go through the first right hander much faster than you might think, and then immediately onto the brakes for the second right-hander to go up the hill).

Maybe obvious to the more advanced drivers, but I found these two sections can make a huge difference to laptimes at Imola, if you can get it right.
I was coming here to post the exact same things. re: the Villeneuve chicane, it's easy to run wide on the second part (the right hander) so if you take the first part fast, you really need to get on the brakes before the second part.

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I don't really pay too much attention to the curbs at Imola. I don't think I really avoid or hit any intentionally. But for sure that last corner exit is critical to get good speed carrying onto the long front straight.
This too - this is another spot where it's really easy to run wide and ruin your exit. I never noticed the curbs being any worse than anywhere else. Some corners have big sausage curbs (Variante alta in particular) and you definitely want to avoid those. Also you don't want to run wide on the last two corners because the gravel is just on the other side of the curbs.

The hardest corner for me is the downhill left hander before Acque Minerali. It's very understeery as it falls away from you. Do your braking before you turn in and be patient to get back on the gas.