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Thread: Thrustmaster tmx pro won’t work

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    Thrustmaster tmx pro won’t work

    I just bought a thrustmaster tmx pro to play project cars 2 on my HTC Vive but it’s not recognised

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    Have you tried verifying your game files? Deleting your ~\Documents\Project Cars folder or resetting your controls back to default and change your wheel input?

    Also make sure your system is fully up to date (includes your wheel software and firmware) and disable any 3rd party anti-virus? Tried a different USB-port?

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    I had no issues with my TMX on PC2 on PC. When I got the PC I plugged the wheel in, installed the drivers and TM software, booted the game and it was instantly recognized. I calibrated the wheel and pedals and everything was good.

    Let us know if you got it up and running.

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