Still new to PC so learning while I go.

I often read that the solution to problems can be to try to re-install software. I have so many questions (sorry if they are too noob).

- On steam this seems pretty easy. Choose uninstall from Steam? Then redownload and install. Should there be a stupid windows restart in between those steps? Is there anything you need to do to save your profile, progress, etc? Is there anything you can do if you want to completely reset your progress?

I realize this may not be the right forum, but I ask anyway because I'm guessing guys know. How do you uninstall and re-install AC after you have all mods, apps, and content manager etc installed? Do you have to redo everything completely? Or is there a way to just reinstall the game, while keeping all the other stuff?

Another example, Crewchief. If I reinstall PC2, do I then need to uninstall and re-install Crewchief as well, since it somehow connects to PC2?

Thanks a lot guys. Sorry for the stupid questions.