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Thread: BMW 320 (E90) TC - Problem getting rear tires up to temperature

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    BMW 320 (E90) TC - Problem getting rear tires up to temperature

    I'm losing so much time in this car because i just CANNOT get the rear tyres up to temperature! I've had to turn on stability control and reduce AI difficulty substantially because I get so much early-to-mid-corner oversteer due to the tyres not being up to optimum temperature after laps upon laps. Even during the race when the tyres start at the optimum temperature, they lose it as the race goes on!

    This is either an issue that need to be fixed by SMS or something I can rectify myself with changes to the car setup. If it is setup related, what can I do to fix this? Anyone got a good baseline setup I can work from?


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    Hey, first post, welcome home. Are you running it in career? Here is a link to some setups to look at.

    Hey maybe you should concentrate on the pressures.
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    That tire pressure post is pure gold, follow it!

    It's a fun one to drive, you should be able to sort what you want through setups.

    If you're on PC like your signature say, try to download setups from TT.
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