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Thread: In what way would you say p cars 2 is better than 1

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    Yup there's been quite a few patch updates since day one release.
    To check for updates on the console's Home screen (and before clicking Start to the game), navigate to the game, click on "Options" with your controller or wheel button. A window opens. Scroll down to "Check for Update".
    It will then tell you if the game up to date or if there's updates waiting to be downloaded and installed. Next go to "Notifications" or "Downloads" and find the notification....update from there. At least that is how it works on PS4 console. Should be similar on Xbox to I guess.
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    I only ventured back to PC1 once. When I got my Xbox One X to see how it ran (which is spot on by the way with the frame rate!). I do really enjoy PC2. I just have kinda lost interest in sim racing. Hopefully I'll get back into it soon & put a ton more hrs on my Thrustmaster TX!
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    PC1 works pretty well. PC2...Not so much.

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    On limit handling. Sometimes in pc1 tires felt like hard blocks of plastic. In pc2 they're nicely progressive, especially vintage and street tires are on another level.

    Rain driving! In pc1 you saw the rain drops begin and 3-2-1-wet track. There was dry, wet and red flag.
    In pc2 the track getting wet is incredible. You feel the dry parts and the wet sections, the puddles. You can gamble an extra lap or 3 depending on how heavy the rain is.

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    PC1 works pretty well. PC2...Not so much.
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