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Thread: AI cars stuck on the grid in replay

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    AI cars stuck on the grid in replay


    I just finished a 2 hour long "24hr Le mans" with toyota ts040. It was very exciting.
    But when I try to watch the replay, the AI cars are simply not moving, they all stay stationary.
    Strangely, if I switch to the onboard camera of any individual AI car, I can see the AI cars shifting through gears, and the animations for the dashboard on the steering wheel seem to be correct, and also when the night falls the AI cars will turn on the headlight etc. It's just that all the AI cars are not moving on track, no matter what...

    Other note on the race & settings:
    * I completed the race in VR (oculus rift, though the game is on steam), and my pc is intel 8086k (with AVX support) + 1080ti
    * AI difficulty at 90% and aggressiveness at 100%
    * I was on pole position
    * both rolling start and cool down lap is on, but I skipped the cool down lap (using the menu)
    * during the rolling start, the second place AI passed me just before the final corner, and when I tried to repass it, we collided and both of us got a 5 sec penalty
    * when I tried to pass it again, that happens to be the same time when the lights go green, so I actually gained an advantage by going over 120km/h at the start, as a result, when I arrived at the Mulsanne straight I already have a 3 sec lead.
    * there were a few close battles during the race, because I crashed once on my own, and once when trying to overtake two slow cars that are already battling with each other, and pitting for damage repairs takes a long time....
    * I accumulated a 17 seconds penalty throughout the race, including the collision during the rolling start (+5 sec), exceeding the track limit (getting pushed wide by a slow car, penalty is +2 sec) and speeding in the pitlane (+10 sec).
    * at the end of the race my lead over second place is barely over 17 seconds
    * the AI cars are not moving not only in the replay immediately after the race, but also for the replay that I saved
    * I do not have the Le Mans DLC.

    Also a side note, I encountered a similar issue before with Formula X car, but in that occasion the AI difficulty was too low that none of the AI cars ever got close to me anyway. But this time is different, there were close battles till near the end of the race.

    Any help/tips would be appreciated, as there were a few highlights that I don't want to miss: I managed to go from position 5~6 back to position 1 by passing on tracks, and I had to do that three times, and then pulled out a 17 seconds gap in the last 3~4 laps etc....

    Update #1: added that I do not have the Le Mans DLC.

    Last edited by enp8s0; 01-09-2018 at 20:43. Reason: added that I do not have the Le Mans DLC.

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