Hi all,
I want something that's always on, that records my lap times. I'm planning to use a Raspberry Pi 3, reading UDP (thanks again Zeratall!). The UDP part is working, using C#. I'm not sure if I should just keep the best times in every car-track combo, or if I should store all laps.

What's the best way to store the lap times? Simple text files, named like car_track.txt? Or a spreadsheet (LibreOffice Calc)? Small database (sqlite)? I have some MS Access knowledge, and I'm a pretty good googler

Each entry would have something like lap time, sector times, valid lap (y/n), timestamp, car, track.

I will obviously want a way to view the lap times as well, from another computer on the same network. Any suggestions? Local web server?

Thankful for any input!

(I was using programs like vrHive, but all programs seem to use UDP v1. Because of PC2Tuner and my homebuilt buttonbox, I use UDP v2. And I don't want my laptop on all the time)