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Thread: DS server dissapears when set to 24 players

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    DS server dissapears when set to 24 players

    Hi , We have a rented DS from rack service ..I just upped it from a 16 slot to a 24 slot I edited the cfg to allow 24 only I can't get it to work with 24 if I change the cfg to back to 20 it shows up again .. we use -selectds and its been working fine for our events now however I have issues .. if I build my event (using -selectds) for 20 it crashes when joining as host so I backed it off to 19 humans 20 total and finally then got in ..

    RS has no answer as they have no documentation to refer to so thay cant look for what ever might be wrong lol .. except maybe the track limit was hit .. Im testing brands that will take 29 cars off line so I don't think that's it ..
    Is there something I'm missing ? I did have to refresh & restart the server serval times to get it to show again but now when set in the cfg to 20 its showing and staying up (before when I tried to join the server would vanish ,It shows running on the RC control panel but I have to rs it to be able to see it in the list again .. Also I had to join it one time as a client (no -selectds) to then be able to go back and join as host .. & only when it went back to the default idol server set up (road cars at brands) did it then let me join as host (-selectds ) its like its stuck with old info should ,when empty resort back to default rc @ brands with no P or Q sessions ..but sometimes it has a 7 lap race setup already with GT1's lol ?? this when joining as a client .. & this is when it crashes when trying to join as host ...

    So IDK WTF is going on lol

    .. I must be missing something ? is there another spot to set the max number of players besides the cfg that I need to change ..remember we are only using -selectds so I don't think we use the LUA ?

    I was told just up the cfg to 24 restart & go ..
    for now we can only get it to work when the event is set to 19 humans

    Thanks in advance for any help .. ;-)
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    It happens with all circuits? Try with other different like Lemans or Spa.

    In a PDF file inside your DS folder, you can see the limit of online players for each circuit.
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