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Thread: End of the road....or a new dawn?

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    I still think the Custom Championship would work better if there was a lobby for them just like the online races. This way people you don't know can join the championship without having to make a forum post somewhere.

    I'd love to see PC2 support continue. For the next Project Cars, I think a series license and a game that properly simulates the series would be best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasTyme214 View Post
    I think a series license and a game that properly simulates the series would be best.
    Indycar Indycar Indycar pleeeaasseee :P

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    The end of the road was a long time ago. When they stopped communicating, patches only in dlc releases and stopped showing the change log. After that, nothing have changed or been fixed. The dlcs were already made. They just touch pc2 to put the dlcs in the store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keena View Post
    Trouble is some cant make every race in a championship so that needs some thought..
    Some kind of system (like the old F1 Championship) where say your best six out of nine races are what count towards the championship. So you could afford to miss 3 races but still have a chance to win.
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    I also think that PCars3 will come out when the new consoles come along. If I haven’t made the switch to PC by then, I’ll buy the new PS4 just to be able to play PCars. However I’m toying with a buying a PC again, just for sim racing. If I do, then I can see myself going back to iracing. There’s lots I prefer about PCars, but the organized multiplayer and license system is something that PCars lacks entirely.

    I think that has to be a priority for SMS. AC and GT have focused on multiplayer with their new releases which has to be some sort of a clue. For me, I can see me running out of patience with a game that doesn’t have more structure around enabling people of a similar skill set, with similar tastes in series to race together. Public lobbies are hopeless and right now, I can’t find a community league that would work for me in my time zone (central time). Even if I could, it would probably still miss out on the licensing which is so critical.

    I love this sim, I really do, but IMHO, organized, licensed multiplayer is critical for success for whatever’s next for PCars.
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    I hope its not the end. Im not that impressed with what we got so far. I've been in and out for a few months. No new TCR or WTCR cars added, online lobby system still is backwards (only 20 lobbies at a time??) No rooms?

    Ps4 user as well so we are just kinda handtied. Yea I can race the AI on 100 and thats fun but I want to race others without having to block out 1-2 hours for a league race or be locked into one car make becasue the host left and now we cant change cars.

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