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Thread: G920 - pretty simple mod to get the brake to work how it should

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    G920 - pretty simple mod to get the brake to work how it should

    I returned to sim racing after several years absence, had my Xbox One for 18 months now and been really enjoying he likes of Forze 6/7, F1 2017.

    PC2 I gave up on with a controller.

    Two weeks ago I purchased a G920 and, like many, thought I was going to have to hit the gym before I could even use it. I've looked at every video, read every post I can find about all the mods people are using and was close to doing what many do: just take out the damn rubber block and be done with it.

    But then....a light bulb went off in my head. The rubber block adds resistance to the final part of the pedal, the rubber block is too stiff (No I didn't want to drill holes in it) so why not just find something that does the same job, with less resistance?

    The answer? Go to my local Home Depot and buy a box of mixed springs. Low and behold there were two types of short resistance springs the exact same length and diameter as the rubber block. I removed the block and put this spring in it's place. The result is a pretty damn good brake pedal which offers firmer resistance towards the end of the 'push' on the pedal. With some adjustment of deadzone my 'lock up' point is pretty much as I start to feel the full force of that extra spring.

    Apologies if this somewhat simple fix has already been mentioned.
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    My work around was to not press brake pedal all way down under calibration. That saw me through.

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    I took the plunge and purchased the GTEYE spring mods. I got all three and what a difference!! 20 mins to swap out the old springs and back racing again. I have spent hours going round and round Bathurst in the Ford V8. Pretty much topped out at 2:07 and lost interest. As this is the one track and car that I had the most time in I jumped in and within 3 laps with my original settings I had done a 2:06 (not bad considering I normally lap around 2:12 when jumping back in after a break). Braking and acceleration were so much easier to control. The stiffer accelerator and having the full throw of the brake pedal with the progressive resistance made all the difference. I read a number of previous posts on other forums where they talked about the extra dead zone at the end of the brake range after removing the rubber stopper but on my setup this did not exist. I just went into the calibration screen and fully depressed all the pedals and Voila!! Full breaking range. I tested and the 100% braking is when the pedal is fully depressed not at 75% as claimed by others. Push the pedal down 75% and the brake meter in the HUD shows 75% brake. Now I am able to brake much more smoothly. I'd recommend this to anyone with the G920. The only issue I have is the clutch is quite heavy which is fine and feels like it should, but my seat keeps slowly rolling back after a long session in a manual car. I have a plan to lock the seat in position.

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