Third in a fortnightly series of Sunday events, mixing up car classes and tracks. Remember: objects in the mirror are losing.
18:50 AEST / 08:50 GMT

Sign up through ANZCRL on Facebook. However, this event will be a public lobby with licence set to E1250 - any problems find me on Steam and ask for an invite.

Round III Format:
LMP900 Watkins Glen
Race 1: 12:00 Clear / Clear / Clear
Race 2: 14:00 Random / Random / Random

Practice: 20 minutes
Qualifying: 10 minutes (Race 1 only)
Race 1 Format: 30min timed race
Race 2 Format: 30min timed race random grid order

Game Settings
Real date = Race date
Start Type: Standing
Mandatory Pit Stop: Yes
Force Interior View: Yes
Force Driving Line Off: Yes
Force Manual Gears: Yes
Force Realistic Driving Aids: Yes
Damage Type: Full
Force Manual Pitstops: Yes
Pit Stop Errors: No
Tyre Wear: Accelerated
Fuel Depletion: Yes
Rules and Penalties: On
Allowable Penalties before drive through: 10
Pit Exit Penalty: Yes
Force Cool Down Lap: Yes
Licensing: On

ANZCRL Sunday Series Events:
Round I: Formula Renault 3.5 Hockenheim GP 19th August
Round II: LMP1 (2016) Road America 2nd September
Round III: LMP900 Watkins Glen 16th September
Round IV: LMP2 Imola 21st October
Round V: Group C1 Le Mans Vintage 4th November