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    Helpful answer dude, i’ve never thought that engineer could be the easy way, i’m just not willing to spend hours to set a car up like i did with assetto corsa ending up to hate and thrash it.
    . I left tyres on “automatic based of the weather” so the game picks the right compound for me. Tyres pressure involves camber so I should fix it too and after all guides i read i can do that. I’ve never touched fuel with assetto corsa but if you say it’s important i’m gonna take a look.
    . I know engineer has limits, of course i can realize if my car understeers mid corner according to my driving style, because i hit that corner that way, maybe i was wrong with driving line but for my style if i feel that i need a better turning i want less understeers for that car. The problem is that engineer don’t change differential and maybe my problem is right there, so i get frustrated changing springs and roll bar without solving my problem.
    . About ride height and wings i’ve always had problems, the same with dampers. That’s why i just wanted to use engineer, I don’t wanna end up to hate pc2 too.
    . I don’t wanna be the faster either but i wanna have fun like you do, and I don’t wanna download other people’s setups at all, it’s the worst choice i guess.
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