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Thread: [F488 Challenge] Any upcoming template or workaround to make skin?

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    Question [F488 Challenge] Any upcoming template or workaround to make skin?

    Hello everybody,

    We are a group a friends currently racing on an online F488 Challenge championship and we would like to make a team skin.

    However, I've not seen the template available in the pinned list

    Is there anyway to get a .dds file of an existing livery to at least change colours of it and then make it custom? Or at least to make a pseudo wireframe guide (because since the custom livery dds is blank > ...)

    Thanks in advance if someone can help with it,


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    Ah! Sorry!
    This one slipped under the radar, as it was not a regular DLC update.
    I have added the car now.
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    Hello Jan,

    You've just made 5 guys the happiest guys of the day

    Thanks a lot !

    Have a nice day,
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