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Thread: Keyboard Support

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    Keyboard Support

    I have used a small 10-key with my wheel for months. I remember when it was announced that Project CARS 2 would support a keyboard on Xbox. It makes racing and all the little details much easier. I just saw this article ( about the impending keyboard/mouse support on its way and it made me think.

    Is the way mouse and keyboard are implemented going to change resulting in reconfiguring my button assignments? Is the way SMS did it so clever that it was just too much for other developers to consider? I vaguely remember Ian saying that it took a lot of work to get this implemented on Xbox. I (briefly) looked for the thread but couldn't find it.

    Anyone in the Xbox-dev world know?
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    I've been using a keyboard on my Xbox with Project Cars 2 since launch, I'm not sure how anything would change?
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    I hope that there won’t be any substantial changes to how keyboards currently work with the XB ONE.

    I use a hacked keyboard as the brain to interface the XB ONE to my custom button box, sequential shifter, handbrake and DIY wheel rim with Ascher Racing paddles.

    Any changes that might affect the ongoing use of my current setup would be very disappointing indeed!
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    Here's my DIY handbrake using a keypad on..... the ps4, but similar things can be done with the Xone.

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