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Thread: Is there a quicker way to test setups?

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    Is there a quicker way to test setups?

    At the moment I tune in a private practice session. I set up my initial tune and then I have to drive out of the pits, complete a few laps to get up to temperature, then do a few hot laps and try to catch a glimpse of the telemetry. I feel there must be a better way. I'm wasting so much time trying to get up to temperature and even when I do I can only get a vague impression of the telemetry as I go around the track. There must be a better way.

    Is there a way to skip the out lap and warming up and just do a hot lap?

    Is there a way to review telemetry data after doing a lap? (i.e. not just glance at telemetry data while also trying to drive the lap.)

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    Time trials start with heat in the tires if you don't mind getting on the leaderboards with experimental-setup times.

    Since the races start with heat in the tires, I think it would be good for practice runs to at least have the option of starting the same.

    I don't find cold-tire laps particularly useful.
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    What I do, is I'll do a custom race, and set Number of AI to zero, the tires start warm and at pressure so your good to go at the start. : Owner
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    There are some telemetry applications available here:

    They don't give you everything, and make MoTeC seem like it was a goddess, but you can get some data.
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