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Thread: Favourite Location Bug

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    Favourite Location Bug

    I've already posted this in the General Discussions forum but I haven't had any responses so thought I'd put it here as I am playing the PS4 version anyway.

    I’ve completed both the Spirit of Le Mans 24 Hour race and 24 Hours of Le Mans Experience in real time, yet the Le Mans Vintage circuit hasn’t come up as being one of the circuits I have spent the most time and distance driving. Instead it just says Le Mans is the top location. I get that both the current and vintage Le Mans circuits could come under the same location, but under time played, it stills say 1 day and xx hours. As I’ve completed both in real time surely it should either be 2 days xx hours, or split down between the 2 circuits as 1 day each. As you can see the Audi and Porsche have over 2 days driving time between them and over 7000 miles distance covered. These are the cars I used in both events.

    It’s only a minor thing but I’m a bit of a stats man so like accurate statistics.
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