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Thread: PC2 bugs feedback

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    PC2 bugs feedback

    I am a big fan of the Project Cars series, i love this game because it gives me so much happiness.But i have found out some bugs which disturb me so long.

    Hopfully SMS programer could see that.

    1、No matter in what setting and what environment, most cars couldn't reach thier topspeed claimed by the manufacturer.For exmaple: the lamb huracan's topspeed is around 325km/h in the real, but in the game, although i have adjust all the settings to conditions which are most suitable for topspeed, the huracan still hards to reach 310km/h in a long enough distance(Historic Monza).

    2、The Mclaren 720S' horse power was underrated a lot in the real, actually, it has near 800hp at the flywheel, not just 730-740hp shown in the game.

    3、The Mclaren P1 has been limited to not produce its max horsepower until reaching 6th gear scine the latest update.

    4、The Porsche 918 spyder's RPM indicator doesn't match its actual RPM, for specified, when its RPM raechs 9000 the indicator has shown a 9500!!!!!

    Finally, if any things i have mentioned above has been confirm as a bug, please fix it as fast as possible, if none of them is a bug ,please give me some explanation. Thank you so much!
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