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Thread: humble question about ABS and TC

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    humble question about ABS and TC

    hi guys, just a question, after selecting in the setup menú the % of ABS and TC, when in game i choose between high and low (ABS and TC), what is the amount of each one?!? I mean if i had TC 70% and ABS on 60%...What is high and low for each one respectively?!?thks in advance

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    Theres some other posts on this (sorry can't find the right link atm).
    - TC the two settings are different
    - the first one (0-100) is the amount of tire slip that is allowed before the TC kicks in. So, lower numbers mean it kicks in earlier. This is a bit counter intuitive, but if you want TC, then you need those numbers to be low, not high (around 8 to 15, is what I usually use)
    - the second one (low, high, off) is something to do with how much the throttle is backed off when it does kick in. So, high means that the throttle is reduced significantly every time there's tire slip (when it goes over the % you set). Low, means the throttle is backed off, but not as much. Or something like that.

    ABS works similar, I can't remember the specific details about the two settings, but the two settings are again different and work together.

    I'm sure someone will link the other posts on this.
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