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Thread: Career mode bug

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    Career mode bug

    I left a rallycross race midway through, and now I won't reload into the race properly. Only AI fill the grid and when they finish the race it doesn't finish the event.
    I'm now stuck on a lobby screen. Restart event does nothing, exit just sends me back to the menu and then reloading into the race still has the glitch.

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    I also have career stuck in RX serries. Impossible to abort it.. May be it is related -!!

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    AI and Formation laps (like what the actual hell is going on with them).

    Firstly, formation laps are suppose to be really slow and you’re not suppose to pass and if you do, penalty.

    Here is the main issue… AI drive like dicks even cause me to get a penalty (since they crash into my rear end) in every single formation lap, cause me to restart a few times. Further more, the AI would pass me and not get a penalty and if I try to match the speed they are going just to keep my position I get another penalty.
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