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Thread: Excessive Rubber banding 04th Oct 18 - Anybody else?

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    Excessive Rubber banding 04th Oct 18 - Anybody else?

    Last night, from around 9:30 GMT, using a dedicated server, all players where noticing rubber banding frequently, but not constant.

    It seemed to be large lag spikes every so often, but was lobby wide, rather than just one player noticing it.
    It wasn't like the freeze/speedup you can sometimes notice nor was it the micro stutter type either.
    Basically everything was smooth, then all of a sudden 'all cars' would shift position and then catch themselves back up to their actual positions, first time I have seen it lobby wide.
    Sat in the pits, it was evident by all ping icons going red then back to normal, periodically.

    Just wondering if anybody else noticed this, wondering if it was a steam issue or not?

    Edit: Seems like that's a NO then, which is good to know
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