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Thread: Best/worst specs when choosing a car

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    Looking at the specs is pretty useless, at least in BOP classes such as GT3, GT4 etc.. Usually cars with best chassis/most downforce have high minimum weight to compensate their otherwise too good performance against other cars. Aston GT3 is good on paper based on reported specs, but is far from the best GT3 car. Then there are exceptions, which are light and fast (BMW Z4 GT3, Ginetta)..

    Same goes for engine power, powerful cars are usually worse in turns. And the shape of the power band is as important as peak engine power. GT3 car with around stable 500hp across the optimal rev range is better than a car with 505 hp peak but going linearly from 485 to 505 across the best usable rev range if other features are similar. Then there is the effect of altitude.

    As pointed out in previous posts, really the best ways to figure out fastest cars is to look at the time trial leaderboards and testing by yourself which car fits your driving style best. And even then things as tire wear, fuel consumption, adaptation to different conditions, difficulty of creating setups etc. cannot be figured out unless tested in practice :P

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    yeh the spec screen in PC2 looks very much like its for the arcade racers.
    It tells us little of a cars ability on track.

    But thats the joys of motorsport, and picking a car in PC2.
    All those stats have there places and tell a story. But across a lap in random conditions on a random track... to many variables to list useful specs.
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