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Thread: OpenWeather [Testing]: A proposal to fix weather issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Scott View Post
    mine stopped working as well about 2 weeks ago. I reverted the Windows hosts file, pinged the weather provider's site, and it turned out the ip address changed. So basically repeat the entire installation procedure and make sure you get the new ip address.
    That's about when I noticed mine stopped working. Thanks. Hope that's all it is I really miss having the weather just work.
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    Is there a way to change OWM informations? Their weather forecast is really really too "pessimistic"... I usually get heavy rain conditions even if in the real world it doesn't rain (for example, today at Spa I get rain but on the circuit webcam it is only cloudy)

    (OT: Is PC2 using informations like Wind, Pressure and Humidity?)

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