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Thread: OpenWeather [Testing]: A proposal to fix weather issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_belowski View Post
    looks like this isn't going to work as well as we'd hoped. The game will ask for the weather data at the start of a session but doesn't request any more data for at least an hour (not tested it beyond 1 hour). As far as I can see it doesn't allow for changing conditions as we'd hoped. I'll keep experimenting
    Is it possible to focus on requesting % chance of precipitation, and then having the game create the slots based on that %?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asturbo View Post
    I think that the game uses actual data and forcast to generate the weather slots.
    So probably if you change the "actual weather" in your app, has no effect. I'll make some test too, but if the game works in this way, obviously you can't do anything.
    Anyway with your app we recover the real weather as was designed.
    That alone would be awesome. I miss using real weather and not knowing what im getting.
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