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Thread: Unable to play anything on this game

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    Unable to play anything on this game

    Thanks very much for this game, that just does not work on my platform, at all.
    Disconnection after disconnection after disconnection. The one part of the game where I've actually been able to play on it without too much problem, (online), and now I just get loads of disconnections, basically once you get one disconnect, then that's it, no more lobbies work, at all. I can get start my own lobby, and currently, at best get about three races before I get disconnected. Its a joke.
    But the reason why it's even more of a bad joke than it should be, is because it's not like I can go and play in career mode for a bit if this does happen, considering the problems with the game on Xbox with more than 16 AI, or whatever the magic number is.
    This game does not work, still, a year after release. Nobody is coming out from SMS and addressing the fact that the game DOES NOT WORK on the og Xbox or Xbox One S with more than 16 AI. You've designed a game that does not work on the platform that you released it on, but you know, thats fine, we should all just buy a One X, can't afford that sorry, with a family to provide for, I can't spend circa 400 pound on something like that.
    So, basically now, I'm left with custom race and time trials, wow! Absolutely amazing! As advertised, right? No, not one bit.
    No other game I play just continually disconnects me, not one of them.
    Reduce grid sizes in career, at least.
    Or alternatively, pretend to yourselves that you can fix the problem with plus 16 AI on Xbox One, and actually in the long run do absolutely nothing to improve it, over the course of a whole year. If you've even been trying to fix it at all that is, of course.
    I'm done.
    Everyone else on platforms that do work, enjoy yourselves. I envy you.

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    Ok I'm going to break this down point by point

    -I have it on XB1, and I find that it does work, and works well at that.
    -I don't struggle with disconnects, is it something your end?What is your internet like?And that of the lobby host?
    -I find that offline has almost on problems with it, the only issue being that you can't have more than 12 AI with you.
    -The AI number problem cannot by changed, since it is a Xbox performance issue, not a game performance issue
    -In reality you are left with every game mode, including at least one series of each tier in career mode.
    -This means that it does work as advertised.
    It might be worth checking with other players to make sure it isn't your issue before writing a long and tiresome rant about the game. Particularly as most the issues you mention do not affect me, another OG XB1 player from within around 100 miles of Sheffield.

    Edit: Also while I am at it, you have no complaints about Free Practice, Time Trial and Community Events, so the title is a lie.
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    Without getting into in depth reasoning on why you get disconnects since I feel like a broken record and have posted about this about 495860968905 times on this page. A quick search will help you tremendously.....

    With that being said, your disconnect issue most likely due to something on your end. You next comment will be "Other games work" Correct, but other games do no operate P2P like Pcars2 does. There are so many factors that go into online connectivity issues. Most people do not want to hear it and blame the game. I have played this game on my S and X online with very little issues. I however ensured I have done EVERYTHING I can possibly do on my end to make my connectivity correct.

    Correct hardware. Wired connection. Open NAT. IPv6 off. No other devices taking down my bandwidth. Good internet speed package from my ISP.

    Everyone wants to blame the game then hide the fact they have slow internet speeds, moderate nats, ports not open.

    If you are willing to take some advice and not blame the game. Ill try to help you further.
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