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Thread: 6DOF motion simulator by FlyPT

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    6DOF motion simulator by FlyPT

    More than a year after and still not concluded, but I will get to the end.
    For those who don't know, I started building a 6DOF motion simulator while we where still developing PCARS2.
    Posted some developments in that forum, but work and life always get on the way of what is important , so this took way more time than I expected.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Last week, I finally made a small test with the rig and I though that I should post it here.
    The main reason for building it was PCARS/PCARS2!

    So here's the first tests:

    Replay of LFS:

    Trying to build it, the most complete and less expensive possible.
    So 6DOF with big extensions are good for flight sims, but also race sims.
    Will try to post here the devlopments.
    If you want more detail, please ask or go to the xsimulator forum to follow the devlopment:
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    Well done

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    Great project if you have the room but I think I prefer the smaller design of a D-Box style 4 point system instead, like for example the SimFeedback SFX-100 DIY system.

    As a small note to you. I noticed the Sim-Lab P1 chassis used to have the front-mount dashboard with the hinges (those 80/20 pieces in your drawing) but later they went with a new design with separate side plates mounted to the dash front plate with 80/20 angle brackets. I reckon they did this because there was play in there, so it might be a good idea to update your design accordingly as well.
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