Indycar and BMW Stanceworks Championship

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The Racing league has finished a season running the Formula Renault and the GTE class in a concurrent individual and combined championships. This format has proven to be very popular and we are again now following suit with the Indycar and the BMW Stanceworks. We are looking to have an 8 or 9 round season with American tracks that will include the iconic Indy500 track oval. As always, we continue to improve our product by evolving the lobby and race settings over many season and this season we are looking to include a safety car process and a manual pit stop to help bring back in contention those that have suffered tremendous damage and to prevent high speed pit entry. We are especially proud of our points system which is designed to prevent a runaway championship leader; our championships usually get resolved until the last round. In the next coming weeks we are going to be holding social events on Wednesday and Thursdays which will lead to our first race of the season tentatively set to start on October 25th or if needed, on November 1st. We welcome all to try to join us in the aforementioned days and we are confident you will not be disappointed with our membership; we are all here to help each other and many times share tips and set ups to help you make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

*Two Separate Races on the same day, same track. Same sequence on race day*
*You will be able to drop your worse 3 results *
*RESET is prohibited** (Unless you're upside down or on the side unable to return to track, abuse will be punished)
*TBA Safety car procedure.* (please read rules section before engaging in conversation)

Start of Sessions: Thursday 8 PM UK
Race Distance: See calendar. Race will last about 30 minutes.
Race Date: Summer Season, June 1st, 14:00 hours. Real time progression. (race time and qualifying start time being finalized)
Combined Practice and Qualify Sessions: 30 minutes, 13:00 hours, real time progression.
Starting Position: Qualification Result
Car Assignment: Pre Selection
Race Weather: Two weather slots selected by lottery using only race-able slots. Synced to race.
Qualifying weather: First race weather slot for the whole session.
Safety Car Process: To be announced. Please read rules section for more information.
Auto Start: Yes
Driving Line: Allowed
Default Set up: No
Manual Gears: Allowed
Realistic Aids: No
Assists: Allowed
Damage: Performance affecting (No damage or visual only for socials)
Mechanical Failures: On
Ghost Car: No (yes for socials)
Manual Pit Stop: Yes
Pit Errors: No
Tire Wear: Accelerated.
Fuel Use: Authentic
Cooldown Lap: Yes (Do not return to pit with options button to allow laps completion for those behind)
Penalties: Yes (For jump starts)
Track Limits: No ( Yes for socials )
Drive through Penalty: Yes
Drive through trigger time: No (5 seconds for socials)
Pit Exit: Yes
License: No. (Socials currently set at D1100, invites sent to those below this filter but known to be clean if requested)
Vehicle Type: Class for Indycar (Chevrolet or Honda) and individual for BMW Stanceworks. TBA for Socials
Grid Size: 16
Private: Yes
Ready: Yes
Password: Not used at this time