Can someone confirm whether this was the same before the Ferrari DLC please?

If I go to custom race, enable and specify times for practice and qualifying - click Save, then pick a Ferrari and then select Pista di Fiorano, the Practice and Qualifying are both disabled - this is as expected as I presume there is no pit lane just like in the Leipzig Porsche Test Track. If I then change the track to something other than Fiorano or Leipzig (doesn't matter what track) I notice that Practice and Qualifying remain disabled, rather than re-enabling and going back to the options I previously saved. I then have to manually re-enable and save the settings again.

Has it always been like this since the release of the Porsche Pack? I don't recall having to manually re-enable Practice and Qualifying before the Ferrari Pack, it is quite annoying having to manually re-enable these settings.

Thanks :-)